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עיבוד וחיתוך פח בלייזר

Company Profile

Micro Tin Industries Ltd., founded in 1993, is engaged in the field of packaging for the high-tech industry and in tin processing.

Micro specializes in providing comprehensive solutions in the field of electronic packaging and tin processing, from the production of packaging parts according to drawings and models, to the assembly and finishing of products, according to the changing needs and requirements of its customers.

Micro employs manufacturing workers and professionals in the fields of project management, mechanical engineering, planning and supervision, economics and business administration and a skilled technical team.

The company's plant is located in the "Mifalei HaEmek" industrial area in Migdal HaEmek in an area of ​​about 2,000 square meters. The plant provides assembly, coating, dyeing (powder and wet) services and silk screen printing, in addition to a variety of means of production.

The uniqueness of Micro Tin Industries Ltd., as the main packaging contractor of leading companies from Israel and abroad, is in the ability to design, plan and develop products and adapt them to the customer's needs, while offering a variety of solutions resulting from a flexible production line.

The factory designs and manufactures electronic packaging products, industrial furniture and tin processing for customers in the communications, cellular communications, electronics, aviation, hospital equipment, DIY and more industries. The main HGs used are steel, PLBM, aluminum and galvanized tin.

Our customers' final products meet European and American standards and are used by international companies such as HP, IBM, the largest cellular companies such as AT&T, Vodafone and other products installed in the institutional kitchen, which is characterized by high finishing requirements at PLBM.

Micro is certified by the Technion Institute for Research and Development for the ISO 9001: 2008 quality standard. In addition, the company is recognized as a supplier by the Ministry of Defense (supplier number 83412350) and IAI (supplier number IQ336).

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