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מכונת כיפוף פח Bystronic

Manufacturing Technologies

Micro Tin Industries Ltd. is committed to leading in the most advanced production technology sector. We provide our customers with the highest level tin production and processing solutions, using advanced production technologies and machines that are the leaders in the field of metal processing and electronic equipment. 

All production processes are managed in a Magic ERP system   and enables computerized management and control of the process and receiving data in real time.  

חיתוך בלייזר

Laser Cutting

We have two state-of-the-art laser machines  made by TRUMPF Germany and Bystronic Switzerland that allow cutting sheet metal up to a thickness of 20 mm, working in both small and large series.

מכונת כיפוף פח


Automatic bending center made by Weinbrenner - Germany - the only machine of its kind in Israel. 5 bending machines made by TRUMPF  - Germany, 3 bending machines made by  AMADA- Japan and a Swiss bending machine Bystronic

ניקוב פח


2 punching machines made  TRUMPF - Germany including an automatic loading and unloading system from sorter, capable of handling bins measuring up to 3x1.5 meters.

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