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Ramgal 2000

Hydraulic electric lifting device


Ramgal 2000 Electric Lifting Facility from Micro Tin Industries Ltd. The accumulated experience of decades in designing and manufacturing a variety of multi-purpose lifting facilities according to customer needs allows us to meet almost any requirement. The reliability of Ramgal 2000 facilities has been proven for decades when our lifting facilities are marketed in Israel and worldwide. For over 35 years.

As a manufacturer of electronic packaging products for the military and civilian industry, Ramgal 2000 provides maximum lifting capacity with maximum accuracy and is an efficient solution for easy vertical lifting in multi-level storage and production facilities.

Our knowledge and experience in the field of hydraulic lifting facilities allows us to advise and design lifting facilities in accordance with the customer's needs and to assist in adapting the final product to any task in the logistical and operational field of our customers.

We provide a repair service and a comprehensive warranty on our facilities and give our customers peace of mind and security over the years.

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  • made in Israel

  • Marketed in Israel and around the world since 1986

  • Proven reliability over the years

  • Hydraulic electric lift

  • Easy manual transport - excellent maneuverability

  • Lifting capacity - 250, 400, 650 kg

  • Level height - 0.9-1.8 meters

  • Equipped with a 12 VDC battery and charger

  • End accessories - tray, fork and lever are easily replaceable, there is an involuntary extraction security.

  • Each Ramgal 2000 facility is provided after a certified tester inspection

  • Ramgal is used in various industries: plastics, printing, logistics, electronics, food (made of stainless steel), metal, security and more.

  • Suitable for warehouses, loading and unloading, transport inside a production hall and serving work stations as a shelf at varying heights as needed.

רמגל 2000 מפרט
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