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Micro Tin Industries Ltd. from Migdal Ha'Emek was established in 1992 and deals with Zivod for the high-tech industry and tin processing. We specialize in providing solutions that include: planning and design, laser cutting, punching, bending, rigid attachments (inserts), welding and assembling assemblies and all types of finishes ( at home and with subcontractors), sawing and punching profiles.

As a main sheet metal contractor for leading companies in Israel and abroad, Micro Tin Industries is endowed with the ability to design, plan and develop products, while providing a variety of solutions resulting from a flexible production line.
The factory produces electronic packaging products, and tin processing for the communications industry, cellular, security industries, municipalities, street furniture, industrial furniture and more. 

Micro Tin Industries Ltd. specializes in providing solutions ranging from simple parts in small to large quantities in the field of tin processing and electronic equipment, production of assemblies, assemblies and products from the concept stage, through planning and engineering to full turn key production and assembly.

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We carry out projects for clients in both the civilian and military industries.

Combines planning and execution capabilities through experience and methodologies, which have been acquired in hundreds of projects in the fields of electronic packaging, industrial furniture and tin processing for customers in the communications, cellular communications, electronics, aviation, hospital equipment and more industries .

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Manufacturing technologies

As a modern and advanced plant, the company operates computerized (CNC) machines connected to a computer network, directly from the engineering room.

The uniqueness of Micro Tin Industries Ltd., as the main packaging contractor of leading companies from Israel and abroad, is in the ability to design, plan and develop products and adapt them to the customer's needs, while offering a variety of solutions resulting from a flexible production line.


As a leading manufacturer with accumulated experience of three decades, we provide advanced manufacturing solutions in the fields of metal: electronic and mechanical packaging for the civilian and military industry, tin processing, industrial furniture, electrical cabinets and advanced communication cases.

We operate flexibly and in accordance with the customer's needs, meeting high quality requirements, complementary processing and precise finishing.


Among our clients

We are proud to take part in the activities of our clients, the experience we have gained over the years gives us great advantage and value for the projects we carry out for them.


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